Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Codes: A Guide to Dressing to Impress

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Codes: A Guide to Dressing to Impress

Not sure what to wear out to Las Vegas nightclubs? We’ll answer all your questions in this Las Vegas nightclub dress code guide.

Keep in mind this guide is specific to nightclubs, not pool parties or night swims.

What to Wear to Las Vegas (The Short Version)

For those in a hurry, here’s a quick breakdown of what both men and women can wear to safely guarantee they meet the dress code guidelines and don’t feel underdressed among other clubgoers.

A safe bet for Men to meet the dress code guidelines is to wear well-fitting jeans (that aren't torn, cut-off, or ripped), a button-up shirt or sport coat, and dress shoes. Dress pants or even a full suit are also acceptable, but for the sake of style make sure it’s an upscale nightlife look.

Women are always safe meeting the Las Vegas dress code guidelines by wearing nice dresses and heels. 

It’s recommended to carry a small purse. Larger purses and bags are not allowed. Also, keep in mind all bags are subject to search at the door.

In general, there’s a lot more leniency for women meeting the dress code requirements. 

While women rarely have issues getting into nightclubs wearing reasonable attire, the most common issues we’ve seen ladies run into is wearing sandals or extremely risque outfits. As for the latter issue, you really have to go out of your way to find an outfit that’s considered overly risque for Vegas nightclubs.

Lastly, the way you wear your buzz can also determine if you’re allowed entry to the club. If you’re obviously very drunk or high (drugs, including marijuana, are not allowed in Vegas nightclubs), there’s a good chance you’ll be denied entry.

Prohibited Apparel/Do NOT Wear List

The following items are against the dress code for nearly all Las Vegas nightclubs:

  • Torn, ripped, cut-off, loose/baggy, or stained clothing.
  • Clothing with offensive language or prints.
  • Tank tops
  • Swimwear 
  • Shorts
  • Sandals
  • Work Boots
  • Hats (some hats, like fedoras, etc may be allowed)
  • Athletic Shoes (High-end designer sneakers are often an exception)
  • Athletic wear including, but not limited to shorts, sweatpants, athleisure wear, jerseys, and hats.
  • Clothing with rivets, hooks, studs, etc.
  • Ed Hardy or similarly styled clothing.

While there are exceptions to some of these rules, follow these guidelines to guarantee you don’t have any issues getting into Las Vegas nightclubs.

Once you’re inside the club, you’ll probably see people who got in despite breaking a number of these dress code rules. Celebrities, table purchasers, some locals, and those who know staff can often get away with what others can’t. For better or worse, this is the way it is. Making a big deal to employees about someone getting in wearing what you cannot into the club is unlikely to do you any good and will probably result in frustrating staff.

Are Jeans Allowed?

Jeans are allowed to be worn by both men and women, so long as they’re not baggy, cut-off, or overly torn/ripped.

Jeans are super common for men to wear. Most women choose to wear dresses.

Dress Code Gray Areas

If you want to guarantee entry into Las Vegas nightclubs, follow everything above. If you’re willing to risk being denied entry, here are some gray areas that include items usually allowed, although perhaps technically against the dress code.

Are T-Shirts Allowed?

It’s becoming increasingly more common to see t-shirts in Las Vegas nightclubs, though they may not technically fit the dress code rules.

If you’re going to try to wear a T-shirt, your best chance will be wearing a well-fitting fashionable shirt. A well-fitting black T-shirt with no logo or a small logo, for example, will often get you through the door.

Avoid T-shirts with writing, huge logos, or simple white T-shirts.

And remember, no matter what T-shirt you’re wearing, it’s still somewhat of a gamble whether the doorman will let you in.

What Shoes Are Allowed for Men?

Dress shoes are always allowed.

While technically all sneakers could be denied based on the wording of most Las Vegas clubs’ dress code rules, designer sneakers are typically allowed.

Yeezy, Jordan’s, Air Force 1, and designer sneakers will usually get you through the door.

We wouldn’t recommend combining “gray area items”. If you want to wear designer sneakers, wear at minimum nice jeans and a button-up shirt, rather than trying to also get away with a t-shirt.

Many fashionable “casual shoes” will also get you in, assuming they’re not deemed to look “too athletic”, too much like slippers, or too much like sandals.

Are Hats Allowed?

Unfortunately for my balding brothers, snapback or other “baseball cap” style hats, beanies, etc. are almost never allowed. 

Fedoras and certain other "stylish hats" are usually allowed.

Clothing Fit and Accessories For Men

For guys trying to look good, the most important thing is that your clothes fit well.

Beyond this, a nice belt and watch can go a long way in completing your outfit. This is especially true if you're wearing any of the "gray area" items mentioned above.