Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas

Hakkasan NightclubLas Vegas

Hakkasan Nightclub

Location: MGM Grand
Days Open: Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Hours: 10:30PM 4:00AM
Typical Music: Top 40, EDM, Hip Hop, Open Format
Ages: 21+
3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

About Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan Nightclub is one of the premiere nightlife spots in Las Vegas.

This 3-story venue is one of the largest and most sheek clubs in town. The club showcases a giant grid of lights on the ceiling, creating a spectacular ambience.

With a wide range of performers, the music caters to a wide audience depending on the night. At Hakkasan, you can find both some of the biggest hip-hop performers and EDM DJs headlining.

If you're looking to have a fantastic night out at Hakkasan, you can gain entry to the club:

Where is Hakkasan Nightclub Located?

Hakkasan Nightclub is located at MGM Grand, 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109.

How to Get to Hakkasan Nightclub

The MGM Grand has two main entrance locations on the property: the main lobby entrance and back entrance from The Strip. Hakkasan is located by the back entrance right next to the Centrifuge Lounge. However, most visitors will be arriving from the main lobby entrance.

When coming into the MGM Grand from the main lobby head straight towards the main casino floor and turn left when you reach the first major fork. If you look up you will see signs directing you to Hakkasan. 

After turning left, head straight until you reach Hakkasan located next to the Centrifuge Lounge.

If entering the MGM Grand through the strip entrance, Hakkasan is located just through the entrance hallway to the right.

How Much Does Hakkasan Nightclub Entry Cost?

For men, Hakkasan Nightclub cover charge typically ranges from $30 to $100. Women's cover usually ranges from $20 to $30.

The cost of cover for Las Vegas clubs depends on the day of the week, the performer, and the time of year. On holiday weekends, for example, cover can exceed these typical ranges.

If you want to avoid paying cover, you can get in for free by getting on the guestlist.

Does Hakkasan Nightclub have a Guestlist?

You can usually get into Hakkasan for free by joining our free guestlist.

Women can always get in on the guestlist for free.

Men get in for free in groups with an even ratio of men to women or groups with more women than men.

Depending on the night, men can also often get in for free in groups with a max of 4 men or 4 men out of ratio.

Hakkasan Nightclub Guestlist Information

To join the free guestlist, you must sign up by 12:30AM on the night of the event.

To get into the club for free via the guestlist, you must show up by 1:00AM on the night of the event.

How Much Do Drinks at Hakkasan Nightclub Cost?

Mixed drinks, beer, and shots start at $14-$30. Top shelf liquor and certain specialty cocktails will cost more.

Is Re-entry to Hakkasan Nightclub allowed?

Re-entry is sometimes allowed at Hakkasan Nightclub.

Whether you can leave and go back into the club can depend on how busy the venue is, the day of the week, the event, and the method you used to get in in the first place.

If you plan to leave and re-enter, ask a venue employee whether re-entry is permitted before leaving.

Is Smoking Allowed at Hakkasan Nightclub?

Smoking cigarettes is allowed at Hakkasan Nightclub.

Is Marijuana Allowed at Hakkasan Nightclub?

Marijuana is NOT allowed at Hakkasan Nightclub.

Does Hakkasan Nightclub Have Gambling?

Hakkasan Nightclub does NOT have any gambling tables.

What days is Hakkasan Nightclub open?

Hakkasan Nightclub is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

What are the Hours at Hakkasan Nightclub?

Hakkasan Nightclub opens at 10:30PM and closes at 4:00AM.

Do You Need an ID to Get Into Hakkasan Nightclub?

Las Vegas clubs, including Hakkasan Nightclub, typically require a U.S. government ID or a passport. Foreigners visiting should bring their passport, as non-U.S. IDs are typically NOT sufficient forms of ID for getting into Vegas clubs.